All notable changes made to FSC Utilities Plugin throughout its versions.

Version 6.4.4


  • Added news headlines in the mileage window;
  • Update author’s bio;

Version 6.4.3


  • Improved performance of quick input first/middle/lastname by pressing Ctrl+R;
  • Updated new author’s bio.

Version 6.3.9


  • Fix update issue.

Version 6.3.4


  • Added new notification system;
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version 6.3.2


CommandKeyboard shortcuts
Open Profile ManagerCtrl+O
New profileCtrl+N
Save profileCtrl+S
Rename profileCtrl+R
Load selected profileCtrl+G
Paste & ConvertCtrl+V
Paste OnlyCtrl+Shift+V
Clear Drivers' mileagesCtrl+X
Load Default Drivers' mileagesCtrl+D
Save current Drivers' mileages as defaultCtrl+Shift+S

Version 6.2.7


  • Replaced context menu with icon buttons;
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 6.2.4


  • UI changes
  • Added background image for Mileage view window

Versrion 6.2.1


  • Added clipboard profile to store mileage temporarily;
  • Added copy & paste mileage via Clipboard profile.

Version 6.1.7


  • Support unlimited number of profiles;
  • User can now add new profile, delete or rename existing profiles.

Version 5.7.8


  • Fix notification issue when profile is changed by hotkeys (Ctrl+numpad[1-7]);
  • Place footer text on toolbox window;
  • Fix issue with different screen resolution settings.

Version 5.7.2


  • Fix quick input issue when there are duplicated words in the name;
  • Add main windows header photo;
  • Fix other minnor issues with GUI.

Version 5.6.1


  • Add About tab to main screen
  • Add FAQ/Help document
  • Add changelog

Version 5.6.0


  • Profile renaming bug fixed

Version 5.5.1


  • Add Ctrl+W hotkey to alternative backdate

Version 5.4.4


  • Selecting commute usage is more reliable

Version 5.4.3


  • Ctrl + Numpad[0-7] to quick select profile

Version 5.4.2

Missing released date

  • Add license state auto-filing
  • Move option Always select Commute usage to Tools tab view
  • Add hotkey Ctrl+R to fill First/Middle/Last name
  • Add hotkey Ctrl+E to fill Phone number

Version 5.4.0

Missing released date

  • Add Profile context menu to FSC Vehicle view to quickly choose profile to use

Version 5.3.0

Missing released date

  • Ctrl + Click to input mileage to selected driver
  • Shift + Click to copy mileage from FSC

Version 5.2.4

Missing release date

  • Add live update

Version 5.2.3

Missing released date

  • Add tabular user interface
  • Add Automatic FSC login

Version 4.2.1

Missing released date

  • Introduce profile system for more storage.

Version 4.1.4

Missing released date

  • Add option to Always select Commute usage

Version 4.1.1

Missing released date

  • Remove hotkey Ctrl+numpad to inputing mileage, from now only use F1-F6 to input mileage

Version prior to 4.1.1

Changelog is not recorded.

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